Summer Room Graceful

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A bright and beautiful summer room

Summer Room Graceful is a bright and beautiful room for summer use only. This room is almost four meters in height, which makes it feel extra spacious and the air in it refreshing. You’re in for a very good night’s sleep.

Before B&B Pinus time, this place used to be a storage room, dark and faded with time. Panu, the current master of the house and a restorer of old buildings by trade, completely renovated the space in 2011. The ceiling was demolished, all walls renewed, the ceiling beams cleaned and painted. A beautiful window and a new door were built. In the same timeframe, the old outhouse that used to be the only bathroom available for main building’s guests since 1986 was remodelled into a functional composting toilet which, if used correctly, is odor-free and nice to use.

Summer Room Graceful comes with a 120cm double bed and, with some furniture adjustments, there is a possibility for an extra floor mattress.

This room’s composting toilet is a few step higher than the room’s living space. Water to drink and to wash your hands will be brought to the room by the B&B Pinus staff for there is no running water in it. There is an additional drinking fountain about 15m away as well.

Ourdoor sauna at the other end of the yard is included in the price and available every evening for one hour. The sauna is traditional, rebuilt from an old one in 1968. It comes with a hot water basin and a cold water tap, so the washing is as traditional as it gets. You can wash your face and brush your teeth in the morning in the sauna as well.

The room comes with its own kettle, cups and glasses. Other dishes can be provided by the staff. Communal fridge is available in a separate room nearby. Out in the yard, there is a place for campfire and a barbecue hut with a gas grill.

Summer Room Graceful welcomes pets, for an additional price of 10€ per pet. Our backyard and nearby grounds are perfect for walking your animals and B&B Pinus’s own pet is always eager to welcome new furry friends!

Breakfast is served in the breakfast room in the main building.

This summer room will make your stay feel almost like a cottage holiday!


Almost all breakfast dishes are prepared the same morning. Coffee is freshly ground. For dessert, we serve homebaked pie or other sweets. There is also smoothies, yoghurt and fruit salad.

We serve as much local food as possible: eggs are from Kuvala farm, strawberry juice from Vierula farm, rye bread from either Haapanen or Siskonen bakeries, flatbread we make ourselves. Porridge is from Rapion mylly and muesli from Vavesaari farm. We try our best to buy produce from local farms. All food served at breakfast is either low-lactose or lactose-free.

Our breakfast has received thanks for being delicious, fresh and flavourful. We take into account different diets and will contact you about it on the day of your check-in.


15.5 – 30.61.7 – 31.71.8 – 30.9
70€ / night / 1 guest95€ / night / 1 guest70€ / night / 1 guest
85€ / night / 2 guests95€ / night / 2 guests85€ / night / 2 guests
10€ / night / pet10€ / night / pet10€ / night / pet

Prices include accommodation, breakfast and VAT. Also included in the price is one hour of outdoor sauna usage.

Check-in between 15.00 and 21.00. Check-out before 11.00.

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