Privacy Policy and Cookie Usage

Keeper of the register

SB&B Pinus
Address: Työväentie 35b, 52700 Mäntyharju
Phone: +358 40 1819200

Name of the register

B&B Pinus client register

Purpose of the register

The purpose of this register is to save client related information, to make any potential communication possible and to maintain the relationship with the client.

Client information may be used for targeted marketing, in cases where the client has given permission to do so.

In addition, the register is kept so that any online purchases made through the Company Name website and any following actions are made possible. Such actions may be sending order information, billing information, order confirmation to both the client and the service provider.

Contents of the register

First and Last Names
Contact information: address and postal code, phone number, email
Any potential order information
For corporate clients: name of the corporation

Register data source

The client gives the information during the order and/or purchase of any service.

Data transfer outside European Union and/or European economy

The information may be given away within active legal boundaries. The information will not be transferred outside European Union or European economy areas.

Register protection

The full extent of the register is available only to the register owner and authorised personnel. Register databases are stored on a server that is protected by firewall, password and other generally required technical means.

Checking rights

According to personal information law (26§) any registered person can check what information is stored about them. The request to check information must be done and signed in their own handwriting or done personally at the register owner’s place.

Privacy Policy

This website contains forms through which personal data related to rental activity is saved. Such activity may be renting the room online and newsletter services.

The data is processed trustworthily, and the purpose of its collection is communication required by the nature of customer service. The information will not be given to anyone outside B&B Pinus or its authorised personnel.


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