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Summer room Hehkeä is a bit bigger than the other one Viehkeä.
Still over four metres high and full of light.

There's either a double bed 160x200cm or two singles 80x200cm to choose from.
Refurnishing brings a chance to have one extra mattress on the floor.

There's a modern decomposing toilet in each summer room. The staff will bring water to drink and wash hand,
since there's no running water in this type of a room. Hence we serve a traditional finnish sauna for one hour every night! The sauna is situated at the other end of the yard.

In this traditional, former State's railway company-owned sauna we have no shower, instead there's a hot water kettel and a cold water tap to mix the water to wash up in an authentic manner.

Both of our sons have a ”kiosk” of their own in all of our rooms, where You can choose to buy some small snacks, tea or coffee. Also there are electric kettles in every room.

Pets are allowed in this room for an extra fee.

The breakfast is served in the breakfast room in the Main building.